Week 5: Scott Anderson

I think Kevin and I are in the same boat. We both enjoy journalism and, yet, loathe parts of it, as well.

For my paper, I’m kind of tossing around a few ideas. Also similar to Kevin, I really liked The Interview Project and how the people in it didn’t specifically set out to participate […]

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Week 5 – Kevin Gaboury

It’s hard to believe we’re already in week five of the first term of our first year of graduate school, but there it is. As I take a quick break from hammering out my midterm paper, I reflect on all the interesting things we’ve seen and learned so far in this class. After working as […]

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Week 5: Loving lunch

One of my most vivid grade school memories is the sound the meatloaf made when it landed on the plates in the hot lunch line. Ick.

Needless to say, my experiences with school lunches were not participatory. (Unless you count finding ways make the nuns think that you had eaten your food, which I don’t). […]

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Week 5 Brett Harmon: Lunch Love Community

While going through the Lunch Love Community site I am reminded of some figured I heard from my girlfriend who works at a food bank in Arizona. In Arizona along 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger on a daily basis, this is relevant because as I was watching the videos I was taken in […]

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Week 5: Jamie Schaub – Lunch Love Community

What a fantastic initiative Lunch Love Community is. I watched several videos, starting with Flamin’ Hot, and I was intrigued by the simple yet complex goal of providing healthy school lunches for children.

I like how the videos don’t focus on the negative side of school lunch programs, such as funding sources, vendor kick-backs, and […]

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Week 5: Steven Wheeler – Response to Viewings

“naked lunch, a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.”

– William S. Burroughs


Moving from Brooke Singer and her Undesigning Platform to the Lunch Love Community makes for an almost seamless transition. Both encourage their participants to confront the situation described by the abovementioned Burrough’s quote and […]

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Week 5 – Helen De Michiel video comment… more midterm + useful items


If you have a spare 10 minutes, here in this video commentary are some more ideas to make the writing flow.

Also, here is the article I mention in the above video: Are We Puppets In A Wired World?

The piece, just published, is by Sue Halpern, and appears in this week’s New […]

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Week 5: Jarratt Taylor

I had such a participatory moment while viewing the Love Lunch Community films. While watching the film about the cooking class, I got very excited to share the piece with my friend Alex. He works at a middle school in NE Portland and runs a cooking class on Friday afternoons. He definitely spends a lot […]

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Week 5: Grace R Morrissey – Reality Bites

Questioning what school children in your community eat for lunch starts off that kind of a conversation that I personally find valuable in this day and age where people can either get desensitized by too much information with no real-world connection or can just seek to affirm their biases and agenda by paying attention only […]

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Week 5 – Helen De Michiel Check-in, News, Midterm FAQs

A few of you asked me questions in the “comments” on my Week 4 “Midterm Notes” post. I’ll address them here, and include a few other items.

1. Kevin asks if you can tackle concepts (like spreadability or transmedia) or do I want only theories (like cybernetics or information theory). Good question! I expect you […]

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