Week 7: Omar Aldakheel_Viewings

In the two assigned projects this week: “Public Secrets and Highrise” i saw great examples of multimedia that i really would love to do one day. They both present concepts that may have been presented before, but they show them in new creative ways. I thought they were very artistic, despite mostly using  black and white in their designs, and super engaging.

In Highrise, i saw a history of 2,500  years shown in archival footage that are being animated and narrated by good talents. I’m not a big fan of historical subjects or history lessons, and i always thought teaching history is boring. But, here i couldn’t help but watch part after another. The topic was sweet, to me specially, since i and many lived in many highrises but  never thought of how it all started. The storytelling was even better, the black and white rare photos and the soundtracks just put me in that mood. I wish i was just taught history in middle and high school in such way, i would’ve remembered most of the facts and events.

In Public Secrets, I loved the project  idea of working to end prisons by investing resources in making communities stronger instead. I read the other day that a year in NY prison costs as much as 4 years at Harvard. What if we invested that money in the first place in giving these criminals  proper opportunities, they may have not ended up in prison. The web design of this project was a bit over creative though, especially the side text. It was artistic and nice, but it takes several minutes to understand how it works. I also, wish they used some photos of the prisoners and their environments.

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