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That is the theme I seem to return to frequently in my posts. After compiling all my posts into one document and reading through them, I think the theme for my paper will be democracy.

Spreadable Media relates to democracy because, just as in a strong democracy, the power is decentralized. The communication is no longer only top-down from corporate mouthpieces. It is also bottom up and lateral. So it is more democratic. Gatekeepers have been dramatically reduced in our current media environment. People of many different socioeconomic backgrounds can have a voice. So, somewhat related to democracy, another them in my paper might be equity.

Digital Culture may provide some influence to my paper. I am not totally sure yet. But the cybernetics theory confounds me so much that I feel drawn to understanding it. Does anyone have any thoughts for me on how Cybernetics relates to democracy? Or maybe a different theory I should focus on? Or maybe I should just stick with the spreadable ideas. I feel like I need more though.

I am leaning toward using the Center for Digital Storytelling website and the Engage website (but maybe the Witness website instead) as the projects that help me discuss the democratic nature of today’s media landscape. Both are so much about providing voice for people who don’t usually have it. But I could also use Scribe. Or several others fit my theme as well. That part is hard to whittle down for me — which two online projects to choose — whereas the theory/idea side is hard for me to hone in on. I imagine I am not the only one…….

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  • natalieb@uoregon.edu

    Hm, I am working my way through chap 3 of the Jenkins book and thinkin maybe my paper should be about participatory media, democracy, AND capitalism – the other bedrock of our country.

  • summerh@uoregon.edu

    I think that’s a really interesting idea. I never really thought about spreadable media being similar to democracy. But now that you mention it, I do see a connection, in that it does decentralize power as you say. I think this would make a great theme. I too am confounded by cybernetics and really strive to understand it. I have tried looking the word up just to get a more clear understanding of its actual meaning, but it doesn’t seem like there is one concrete definition. The closest I could come up with “the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.” How this might relate to democracy though, I don’t really know. Good luck!

  • natalieb@uoregon.edu


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