Week 5: Lindsey Newkirk

In reviewing the week’s online assignment, Love Lunch Community what really stood out to me in its difference from many of the other digital media sites, is that it provides solicitous attention to the viewers in how they can become an engaged participant and how that participation can be utilized as an action for change.

While digital and participatory media has exponentially increased over the past few years, we must keep in mind that not every viewer is savvy in understanding the power of digital media and sharing capabilities are opportunities for message and idea expansion and how that can lead to social change.  I appreciate that this site provides a guide to how these videos can be used; in blogs, websites, social media and that by “spreading the word” the have the opportunity to bring the videos to new users in oder to “create new conversations…inspire visions, passion and action.”  For individuals who might be drawn to such issues but don’t necessarily have the tech know-how, these instructions can be instrumental in bolstering spreadability.

What is also unique about this site is it provides additional resources for engagement and participation outside of the digital realm with their “media socials”.  These live, participatory events are where people can congregate to bring film, expertise and conversation together to inspire action for change.  I think quite often as people come into awareness of various social and environmental issues, it’s easy to become paralyzed in the “now what” and wrestling in how, as an individual could possibly make a difference.  I think this unique “service” if you will, is quite innovative in helping people take that next step towards action beyond just the engagement of sharing.  These real life events elevate the human component of connection, collaboration and problem solving.  It was refreshing to see a more concrete example of how digital story telling could transform from awareness to action.

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