Week 5 Brett Harmon: Lunch Love Community

While going through the Lunch Love Community site I am reminded of some figured I heard from my girlfriend who works at a food bank in Arizona.  In Arizona along 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger on a daily basis, this is relevant because as I was watching the videos I was taken in by the video The Whole World in a Small Seed which showed children growing their own food in the communal garden at school.  Thus taking the influence of hunger at their own school out of their hands.  It is videos like this one and others than can be used not just on the Lunch Love Community site but across other sites and organizations as well, creating the spreadability that we are all seeking from our content.

That to me is where the Lunch Love Community site has taken a next step that we have not seen in some of the other sites that we have had to look at this term.  They have an entire page dedicated to the sharing of their videos with the embed codes and short codes right there, as well as short explanations on how to use them just in case.  This is making the idea of spreadablility to the next level, someone might want to spread your information but doesn’t know how, this site has completely taking the excuse out of the viewer’s hands and has made it available to them.  If it doesn’t spread its dead, that is what we have learned so far, I think based on what I have seen that Lunch Love Community should be able to spread no problem.

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