Week 4 _ Omar Aldakheel

In the Brooke Singer Project there were a lot of cool pieces of art, and she is indeed a multi talented artist. There were some sweet and interesting topics as well especially in the web tab such as “Social Relay Mail” and the “Eco News”

However, the website lacks some essential elements in terms of organization. There was no “about” or “contact: tabs. Actually they were both in the little bio in the bottom section and sometimes when I open a new project the bio text is mixed with that project’s description. As far as her photography in the “Sites Unseen” collection I honestly didn’t see anything fascinating. Did you? I had to read the thousand words paragraph in the bottom to understand her pictures. So, the site had too much text and most of it in the same basic font. It’s not that I don’t want to read, but if it’s an art project then I need to be engaged more visually.

The Stephanie Rothenberg project, however, was definitely clearer, simpler and a lot more organized. The slide show in the home page was awesome with its one line description that gets you hooked into that piece of art. Though, the site in general has some jargon words that none artists may not understand.

I saw in both projects the collaboration aspect, which was great, but I don’t know what kind of roles they played on those participatory art projects. I was also surprised that both artists lacked the social media icons in their sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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  • hdemich2@uoregon.edu

    Omar, I think you are surfacing some interesting issues. How do we evaluate an artwork that refuses to be conventional and follow the standards of the culture it is enmeshed in?

    How do we approach something that is intentionally challenging and non-conforming? Do all works need to be inviting and likeable to be meaningful?

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