Week 2- Omar Aldakheel- Response to Witness and EngageMedia

I can notice that both WITNESS and EngageMedia focus on human rights issues around the globe. They also rely on the communities to report their own issues and rights that are being violated.

I like how WINTESS acknowledges the human dignity and safety aspect of people while trying to resolve problems especially in fundamental governments like Iran. So, teaching human rights defenders simple ways to deliver their message without getting hurt or putting others in danger, like protesters, is a great value to have for journalists.

I think the strength in these projects is the audience. In other words the more people watch these videos more they get involved in the cause and that itself is the nightmare for bad governments, which is the “awareness” part.

These project also emphasis on the citizen journalism theory and that everybody with a camera can be a witnessing journalist. However, some of the videos in these projects and especially at Engage Media were too amateur. Some needed subtitles due to the language barrier and music sound like in “The Little Punjabi School” story. other stories were hard to understand as well because there was no proper introduction. So, I think these projects could gain more strength by providing a certain guidelines to whoever submits a video in terms of clarity of storytelling, length, description etc.

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