Week 1 – Workshop Announcement

Just a note to let you know that we will begin our Saturday session tomorrow (Oct 5) promptly at 10am in the 3rd floor classroom in the Turnbull Center, White Stag Building.

Our guest speaker, Louis Massiah, Executive Director of the Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia (see bio on Week One link) will be skyping in from France.  He has accepted my invitation to speak with us about Precious Places for 30 minutes starting at 10:30am.

I hope you will come prepared to ask questions and engage, even though we have only a short time with him.  We may not get to everyone’s questions or comments, but we’ll do the best we can.

Please be on time.  I will arrive early for set up, so if you wish, come up to the classroom and hang out anytime after 9am.

I’m looking forward to putting your faces to your words!

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