Week 1 – Term Project Teams

Hi everyone,

I’m enjoying peeking into your online identities and reach out comments to one another. Your questions are really spot on, and they are the ones that we all are grappling with, at one or another stage in our work.

I think it is so important that we realize how important it is to share ideas and struggles with one another,  and figure out ways to collaborate that are meaningful and stimulating for both you personally and for the team as a whole.

Here are the team assignments put together by Professors Sheehan and Kessler.  They mixed it up so that there would be a blend of Strat Comm and Multimedia Journalism folks together.

On Saturday we’ll take time to look at the parameters of the project. I’ll ask you to have a lunch meeting with your team to list out some common values and skills you will be offering for the project.  And then, to round out the workshop, you’ll be working with your groups on an initial concept brainstorming session.  If you wish, have fun and feel free to give your group a name!

Group 1:
Adam King
Allyson Woodard
Emily Priebe
Grace Roxas Morrissey

Group 2:
Amanda Eckerson
Brett Harmon
Jamie Schaub
Joel Arellano

Group 3:
Summer Hatfield
Derek Yoshikane
Katherine Pokrass
Kevin Gaboury

Group 4:
Jarratt Taylor
Katelyn Black
Lindsey Newkirk
Melissa De Lyser

Group 5:
Lauren Paterson
Omar Aldakheel
Michael Plett
Natalie Bennon

Group 6:
Scott Anderson
Steven Wheeler
Jerry Makare
Tom Hoisington
Kevin Hartman



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