J333 Conclusion

Over the last eleven weeks I worked on a multimedia project about rural broadband.  I aimed to cover various angles of this topic, from Internet dependency, telecommunication monopolies, to how much people use the Internet and for what reasons they use it.  I was unable to report on all of these points in my final product; however, I am happy with the work I produced and the quality of my final product.

If I had more time, or a chance to repeat the last eleven weeks, I would have spent more time trying to get primary sources, finding community members who could speak personally about the topic.  I relied on datasets from various government agencies, this was useful but was not very personal.  I found it difficult to engage with the public because I do not have a real social personality and did not want to seem bothersome to potential sources.  This is something I would really need to overcome if I were to pursue other projects like this.

I enjoy working with design software, such as the Adobe suite.  I have been able to learn many of these tools in previous classes and by exploring them on my own.  I feel I successfully applied these tools to this project.  I was even able to learn a new tool, After Effects. I may have focused too much on producing my footage to represent the data I had researched and not enough on personal interviews.

In conclusion, I feel my final multimedia product was a success.  I may not have been able to cover every angle of the topic that I originally set out to, but I now have a nice starting piece that I can expand on later if I desire.  As my first journalism class, I learned how to be a better story teller.

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