Lexicon #4

– Judgment:

This is the capacity of an individual to take a reasonable decision about a particular issue. In the context of designing, is very important to have good judgment, since it would be the judgment of the designer, which will create the adequate or inadequate design for the task.

– ┬áParticipatory:

This word to me describes the attempt to involve others in a particular event. In the concept of our class, the word can be taken in many different ways, always implying the fact that two or more elements are interacting with each other.

– Atmosphere:

In the context of our class, to me this word refers to the immediate mood surrounding a place or an individual. It can be positive or negative, always setting and affecting the quality of the physical or perceptual place one is interacting with.

– Character:

To me this word represents primarily the traits that make an individual who he/she is, although, in the context of the class, it represents much more. Character can be the feeling the presentation of a logo, or a collateral might have, and it also can refer to symbols and letters in a text.

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