Lexicon #3


This is a word, which to me represent uniformity, where two different elements come together, or appear to do so. In the context of our studies, it can be define as the merging point where different entities or ideas start working in unison. Good examples can be Facebook, which is a social converging point for different people, organizations, services, entertainments, media, etc.


Besides the simple definition of this word, which is: the link that brings together two or more different elements or ideas, the word connection has taken a broad range of interpretations. In the context of our class, I interpreted the word “connections” as the resulting actions between different converging elements.


Elements that make anything unique. Individual features or traits of a person or thing that distinguish them from another person or thing. In the marketing business, identity is what makes a product or service unique, recognizable, and stand above competitors. The identity can be defined by the type of service an organization provides, the quality of that service, the quality of the product being offered, location, and/or even by the logo of the establishment.

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