Lexicon #1


Steps to take, or that were taken to achieve a goal. Everything and everyone with a good operative system around us are subjected to a certain process in order to function correctly. If the process is interrupted or discontinued in any of the elements mentioned above, then humans or things are considered unable to “process” information, which means that “it” is broken, obsolete, diseased, or dead. This fact makes the word very powerful, since is a word that describes a map, which better is know how to follow, since our society works in a process based system. if we or it are unable to process information or to follow certain procedures, then we or it, are not good for out society.


The immediate surroundings of a living organism, or thing; usually it refers to the space, physical and conceptual, surrounding the element being discussed. Environment, depending in the context in which is being used, can take different significances or shapes. It can refer to the social culture in which and individual or a thing was raised or created; as well as it can mean the physical landscape in which that certain element is at. In our days, the word has taken a significance almost immediately related to natural elements, like the weather or the natural landscapes surrounding our location.


Technology is a new God on earth (Google), and the main reason for human existence in the 21st Century. How many times anyone has heard somebody else make the comment, especially in Oregon: what do you do all day without Internet? How do you communicate without a cell phone? I am bored; do you have Wi-Fi? All of which besides being annoying, is the proof that electronic advances especially in computers, have become an essential part of our lives. But technological advances are not just does related to electronic devices or satellite communications. Mostly everyone, everyday, wake up with an alarm, turn on a light, flush the toilet, take a shower, get dress, prepare breakfast, get in their cars, drive on a highway, and spent 10 hours in front of a computer, just to do the same actions backwards; I’m doing it right now, and you too. Without technology, none of the actions mentioned above, and all of those in between, would be possible. Technology is the element that makes humans’ lives easier, and also, what show the level of development of a society.

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