Organization Questions

1- What is your organization or company. Give background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

My Organization’s name is Oregon Salud Services. This is a new organization, which will help to provide a more comprehensive health service to the Hispanic community living in Oregon. The reason why this organization was founded is the necessity of having a wide range of health services to the Hispanic community; not only targeting the health issues related to physical pain, but also focusing on the mental and cultural issues Hispanics might confront in Oregon.

2- What do they do or make – describe the products and services and what makes them unique.

The Hispanic population of Oregon, and of America in general, has a different health culture than the features health services provide in America. For this reason, it was a necessity to create an organization in the area, focused on the entire range of necessities of Hispanic patients in search of medicinal assistance. The Hispanic population in search of health services in Oregon, not only has to deal with physical issues his/her particular situation brings with it, but also has to deal with the problems the situation creates for the doctor in charge, which makes the issue reciprocal. In addition, the Hispanic population confronts cultural problems (language – location – unknown diseases – etc) and many mental issues, especially those tied to traumatic events, like relocation, lack of proper communication skills, cultural differences, and lack of education.

3- Describe the culture of the organization or company. What is the work environment like – the atmosphere? What is the building like – exterior/interior,  architecture, fittings and furniture? How do the employees work together? What are the jobs and roles of individuals? How are they treated by management?

The organization was constructed around the efforts of a local group of medical interpreters and the coordination of local health organizations and their MD’s. The staff includes a CEO, Community Outreach Director, and a Volunteer coordinator; also, we count with a number of local medical staff members volunteering to make the project work. All of the members have an interest in connecting with the Hispanic population of Central Oregon, and helping them with their particular struggles. We aim to be located in Madras, and have a clinic that specializes in the Hispanic population. The fact that this is a non-profit organization, based mostly on volunteer time, makes everyone involved in the process to work with the best of attitudes. Probably the most rewarding element from this process, is the fact that everyone (organizational members and patients) learns something new and positive, which not only helps to provide a better service, but also enriches lives of individuals participating with or through the organization.

4- Who is the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

The targeted population of this organization is the Hispanic communities in Central Oregon, especially those located in Jefferson County. The population of this county is highly Hispanic, most of which work in hard occupations out on the fields. These populations have no direct access to quality medicine; instead, they have to travel from 1 to 2 hours to get any kind of medical attention. When the health services are finally provided, these are not directed to the correct audience, which creates even further separation and resentment between the Hispanic population and Medical Organizations. We are the bridge that connects these two separate elements into a more cohesive medical system.

5- What is the organization or company mission statement?

To provide a comprehensive health-care services to the Hispanic population of Oregon.

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