Indigenous Languages


To find information in the National Archives about indigenous languages, please go to the online catalog ( and type “Indian language” (be sure to include the quotations marks) in the search box. Unfortunately, these are NOT digitized materials, so one will have to be prepared to visit the archives or request copies.

Here is a sampling of some of the materials in the Archives that are specifically about the Crow language, along with other languages along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. 

If you click on the blue titles, you will be taken to more detailed information about the material.

Creator: Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Crow Indian Agency. 1947-  (Originals are held in Denver.)

This file unit contains records regarding Blackfoot, Crow, Flathead, and Ft. Peck Reservations in Montana (HR60A–H13.1); Chinook and other Indians of Washington. (Originals are held in the Legislative Archives in Washington D.C.)


Commissioner of Indians Affairs, and other Bureau of Indian Affairs officials; officials from other Bureau of Indian Affairs agencies and schools; CrowCreek Agency employees; officials from Indian warehouses.

…  The records provide information on Indian culture and customs, including language, marriage, dance, fairs, and celebrations. The records include correspondence, newsletters, reports, and minutes from various mission organizations, the National Congress of American Indians, the Governors’ Interstate Indian Council, the South Dakota Governor’s Committee for Children and Youth, and Attorneys for the Sioux Nation.  (Originals are held in the National Archives repository at Kansas City.)

 Honoring Tribal Legacies wishes to thank Carol Buswell at the National Archives for her assistance with this information.