The High Performance Environments Lab (HiPE) is an Oregon BEST signature research laboratory with extensive testing facilities for both fundamental and applied research as well as design assistance services. HiPE lab develops tools and technologies for the design and assessments of High Performance Environments and the Green Building industry.  The HiPE lab also creates and disseminates reports and software for use in green building research and practices. The HiPE lab represents collaboration among faculty and students within multiple departments at the University of Oregon and other Oregon University System campuses.


Ihab Elzeyadi | Director, Professor of Architecture and Building Science | PhD; FEIA; LEED AP

Dr. Elzeyadi is a professor of architecture and the director of the High Performance Environments (HiPE) and Facade Integrated Technologies (FIT) testing facility at the School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon. He has been engaged in the design, construction, and research of high-performance buildings for more than 25 years. Prof. Elzeyadi has conducted grant-supported research on the relationship between people and buildings including daylighting systems effects on health, productivity, and other outcomes as they relate to sustainable design strategies. His studies produce evidence-based guidelines and inform design-assistance services on various commercial projects with an emphasis on improved indoor environmental quality and health for the occupants while delivering buildings that conserve energy and resources effectively. He is past-president of the Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE), an appointed member to the USBGC Research Advisory Committee, WELL advisory board member, and a featured member of Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (Oregon BEST). His award-winning work has been featured in numerous journals and presented internationally.


Billy Guarino

Graduate Research Assistant| Masters of Architecture Candidate

Sadiqa Al Awadh

Graduate Research Fellow | Ph.D. in Architecture Candidate

Valeria Masciotti

Undergraduate Research Assistant | Bachelor of Architecture

Taylor Stevens

Graduate Research Assistant | Master of Architecture Candidate

Niyati Naik

Graduate Research Fellow | PhD in Architecture Candidate



Dynamic Energy & Daylighting Simulation and Modeling

Indoor Climate/IEQ Modeling and Ventilation Studies (CFD)

Field Performance Studies & Environmental Impacts Assessments of Buildings and Sites

Site, Climate, and Resource Analysis

Post-Occupancy Evaluations & Facility Assessments

Indoor Climate Behavior & IEQ Impacts Green Buildings Case Studies

Biomorphic Building Products RD & D

Building Integrated Clean Energy Micro-generation RD & D

Biophilic & Salutogenic Design

High Performance and LEEDTM Buildings Design and Systems Optimization

Building Energy Monitoring & Performance Assessments

Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ) Design & Analysis

Occupant Performance & Comfort Studies

Space Performance & Evaluation Questionnaire

High Performance Envelopes RD & D

Third Party Building Product Testing and Verification

Green Design Charettes & Integrated Design Processes

Evidence Based Design Tools & Guidelines


In order to conduct our research, the lab utilizes a range of state of the art tools to measure environmental conditions both inside and outside of the spaces we study.

Lab Equipment

Climate & Environmental Modeling Workstations

Thermal Transfer & Envelope Diagnostics

Luminance & Illuminance


Radiant Surface Temperature

Environmental & Occupant Comfort

Data Collection & Monitoring

Ambient Humidity & Temperature

High Speed computing with dedicated IES VE license, Ecotect Analysis

FLIR T300 Infrered Camera M0297 Moisture Psychrometer & IR Thermometer

Minolta LS-110 meter LiCor LI-250 Light meter

LI-210SA Photometric Sensors

HOBO U12 Dataloggers Raytek MT4 Surface Temp.

S38 Thermal Ribbons

Campbell CR1000 multi-controller Campbell CR3000 micrologger NL 1000 Internet Communications

HMP155 Humidity & Temperature Probes>


HiPE Lab research methods utilize instruments to characterize the impact of the physical environment on indoor environmental quality (IEQ), occupant behavior, comfort, and building energy performance. Tools include data loggers, physiological instrumentation (circadian, hypersensitivity, and movement), and behavioral (comfort, productivity) surveys, diary logs, and tracking software.
Intensive climate, environmental, and energy modeling analysis is performed at high-speed computing workstations with dedicated energy and environmental simulation software within the HiPE Lab and is used to generate evidence-based design guidelines, rules of thumbs, and calculators as well as design assistance.



Located on the UO campus, the Façade Integrated Technologies (FIT) facility is an Oregon BEST signature shared-user facility.
The FIT facility provides experimental full-scale testing for envelope components by measuring their energy performance, synergy with other systems, occupant impact, and occupant acceptance of façade technologies.
The FIT lab is capable of testing various products covering most areas of high-performance façades including, but not limited to:

  • Solar Control and Daylighting: Light-Guiding Glazing, Holographic Optical Elements, Laser-Cut Panels, Aerogel Diffuse Glazing, and Optoelectronic Glazing;
  • Natural Ventilation: Breathable Walls, Active Insulation, Automated and Manually Operable Double Envelope Vents
  • Energy Micro generation: Façade-Integrated Photovoltaics, Solar Capillary Tubes, Vacuum Pipes, Photovoltaic Shades, and Solar Awnings.



Tracey Bascue

Associate | SRG Partnership

Tanvi Dhar

Master of Science in Architecture

Toshi Woudenberg

Sustainability Specialist | Gensler

Baha Sadreddin

Intern | Transsolar Germany

Shane O’Neil

Master of Science in Architecture

Ming Cheng

Sen. Project Designer | DGA Arch. & Planning

Leonard Yui

Assistant Professor | Roger Williams University

Will Franklin

Perkins & Will

Robert Larson

Designer | Environs Development, Inc.

Kelsey McWilliams

Designer | THA Architecture

Kate Bidwell

Architect | brg3s Architects

Michael Helmer


Jeff Knighton

Architect + Planner

Himat Singh

Principal | Aware Architecture

Halla Hoeffer

Architect | Peter Meijer Architect, PC

Belal Abboushi


Emi Day

Designer | Mahlum Architects

Hadis Hadipour

Master of Interior Architecture

Christopher Deel

Designer | STUDIO-E Architecture

Carolina C. Trabuco

Master of Architecture

Caitlin M. Gilman

Architect | Architerra, Inc.

Aeysha Batool

Lecturer | National University of Sci. & Tech.