Asignaturas/Course Offerings

“I enjoy being in a classroom with students from different backgrounds. We all bring something different to the table and can learn from each other.”
-Aurora Diaz, former Spanish Language Heritage Program Student

Interested students should go to the University Counseling and Testing Center website and take the standard second-language placement test and register for SPAN 218 (Latino Heritage I). Once the placement exam has been reviewed, a difference course may be recommended, for example SPAN 228 (Latino Heritage II) or SPAN 308 (Cultura y lengua: comunidades bilingües).

SPAN 218 Latino Heritage I
Course content focuses on students’ expression of personal identity as members of a Spanish-language heritage community in the U.S.

SPAN 228 Latino Heritage II
Helps students establish a personal connection between their Spanish-language heritage and the wider Spanish-speaking world.
Students will study Spanish language beginning with its historic origins and its growth into the different regional and dialectical varieties that currently exist in the United States and in other countries throughout the world.

SPAN 328  Hispanic Literature in the United States 
This course is an introduction to literature by Hispanic writers in the United States. Students will read a range of literary genres by 19th and 20th century Hispanic authors and will address relevant literary, cultural and social themes in class discussion and writing assignments. Course material varies in theme. Topics studied include: borderlands, US-Latin American relations, the politics of language, Chicano/Latino identities, Chicana/Latina feminism, migration and exile, and popular culture.

SPAN 428/528 Spanish in the United States
This course provides the background knowledge and analytical tools to critically explore the use of the Spanish language, its linguistic characters, and narratives about its use within the United States.
The goals of this course include the assessment of language stereotypes, common beliefs, and media discourses, as well as one’s own positioning on the borderlands.

SPAN 407/507 Seminar: Border Cultures and National Identities 
This seminar focuses specifically on contested national identities and border cultures in the Americas. It introduces current research on nation building and subaltern cultural politics, focusing specifically on several multiethnic regions in the Americas where dominant  ideals of nationhood are contested by immigrants and historically marginalized groups within national borders.