Hedda R. Schmidtke

November 11, 2016
by hedda@uoregon.edu

Research Opportunities

Cognitive systems at the reasoning-perception interface

Human reasoning uses analogies, metaphors, and analogous representations to greatly expand our horizons: we “grasp” a concept, or “see” how a complex phenomenon works. While many animals have amazing problem solving skills, human cognition is unique in its ability for higher reasoning, yet there is an explanatory gap between logic/mathematics and the associative structures we know underly human and animal cognition. Thanks to recent discoveries, we have a better understanding of this interface, which opens new pathways for both foundational and applied projects.

Other Projects

Multi-granular modeling

  • Forest granularities
    • Multi-granular model of forest ecosystems
    • Classification of forest types based on multi-granular model
  • Multi-granular aspects of global value chains
    • Multi-granular model of the high-tech sector
    • Micro-macro interactions

Mapping the global internet

  • Map visualization of timing and error problems of the global internet
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