It was a great event attended by a diverse and enthusiastic group of professionals and researchers. If you were unable to attend the event but are interested in learning more about the consortium, please contact the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory. If you would like to receive a copy of the presentations, please contact vcarroll@uoregon.edu.

Thank you

May 4 Thursday

8:00-8:30 AM – Check In

8:30-9:00 AM – Welcome by David Conover, Vice President for Research and Innovation and Jane Gordon, Vice Provost for Portland.

  • Room 142/144, White Stag Block

9:00-9:15 – Opening Remarks

9:15 AM – Vision of the Health + Energy Research Consortium & Event Objectives by Jessica Green and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg.

  • (15) Break

10:00 AM – Current Research Questions #1

  • (20) Home Weatherization, the Microbiome and Indoor Air Quality – Jeff Kline, Jason Stenson, Roo Vandegrift
  • (20) Designing with Advanced Daylight Metrics – Lisa Heschong, Alen Mahić, Denise Blankenberger, Amir Nezamdoost
  • (10) Solving Glare with the TaskShade ™ – Serena Lim
  • (10) Campus Impact: Comfort & Energy – Paul Ward & Andrew Loia
  • (10) Daylight Exposure & Microbial Communities Indoors – Ashkaan Fahimipour
  • (20) Questions & Discussion

11:30 AM – Lunch & Networking

  • Shirly Pape Forum & Turnbull Room, Floor 3R, White Stag Block

1:30 PM – Current Research Questions #2

  • (20) Antimicrobial Compounds & Antibiotic Resistant Genes – Erica Hartmann (Northwestern), Jeff Kline
  • (20) Healthy & Efficient Mass Timber Buildings – Iain Macdonald, Judith Shiene
  • (10) Energy Signatures, Simulation and Building Operation at the Buillitt Center – Heather Burpee (University of WA) & Alen Mahić
  • (10) Outdoor Urban Microbiome & Indoor Air – Gwynne Mhuireach
  • (10) Architectural Probiotics – Taly Dery & Roo Vandegrift
  • (10) microBE.net & outreach – Jonathan Eisen (UC-Davis)
  • (20) Questions & Discussion
  • (20) Break

3:30 PM – Research Priorities & Research Design Workshop

This small group workshop is designed to solicit attendee research interests and priorities and to discuss alignment with the Health + Energy Consortium research agenda. Small group leads will report back to the large group, followed by a short discussion.


5:00 PM – Networking Social Event

  • Tour the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory, Room 105A, White Stag Block

7:00 PM – Group Dinner @ Urban Farmer Steakhouse


May 5 Friday

8:00 AM – Light Breakfast

  • Light Court, White Stag Block

8:30 AM – Health + Energy Consortium Business Model Overview

  • Room 142/144, White Stag Block

An outline of the Consortium business plan, including the general structure, member benefits, intellectual property management, and membership fee structure, will be presented. Examples of university/industry collaborative research models will be referenced.

9:00 AM – Value Proposition Workshop

Small groups will discuss the Consortium business plan outline and debate specific questions designed to strengthen the proposed Consortium business model.

9:45 AM – Value Proposition Panel Discussion

Panelists will provide a statement about what the value proposition must include for the Health + Energy Consortium to be impactful and affordable to their organization or market sector and provide other feedback from the small group sessions.

10:30 AM – Program Wrap and Next Steps

Brief concluding remarks and discuss follow up actions.

10:45 AM – Adjourn

11:00 AM – Potential Consortium Members Q&A

This time is reserved for attendees whom are very interested in joining the Consortium in the near term to ask specific questions of Consortium leadership.

12:00 PM – Final Adjourn