Gallery Space


The Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery is located on the ground floor of Lawrence Hall in L120. The gallery, which is approximately 1500 square feet with 12’ high ceilings, overlooks the central courtyard and features large, expansive windows along the north wall.

The gallery is open at all times that the building is open to the public, which is during the Design Library hours. After hours access is granted to those who have been given permission, which includes students, faculty and staff. There is no dedicated, on-site security for the gallery.


There is a title wall for exhibition signage located outside of the main entrance on the southwest side of the gallery.

The east, west and south building walls utilize an Arakawa Hanging Hardware System for hanging works of all media. No other hardware may be used in or attached to these walls.

There are 12 approx 6′ x 4′ rolling homasote walls that can be used and installed by exhibitors.

Please see the Installation Rules and Gallery Rules for more details.

The south wall is approx 14’ and has a double doorway on each end, admin office door, and facilities desk abutting into the room.

The west wall is approx 15’ flanked by two single doors.

The north wall is a approx 50’ wall of windows with two double doors at each end.

The east wall is composed of two doorways and glass windows to the admin office, as well as an electrical panel and the room light switches, which include controls for fluorescent lighting and for track lighting.

The ceiling is composed of wooden slats and includes track lighting for the space. The floor is matte gray linoleum tile.

Download the Hayden Gallery floor plan


Use the Application to reserve the Hayden Gallery for exhibitions or events. Applications must be approved prior to any exhibition or event in the gallery.


Exhibition or event signage such as wall vinyl or posters, can be installed on the title wall located outside of the main entrance on the southwest side of the gallery. Exhibitors are responsible for installation and de-installation in the timeframe of their scheduled exhibition or event.

Exhibitions or events can be posted on the UO Events Calendar. To add events to the UO Calendar, follow the UO Calendar entry instructions on the College of Design blog.

Applicants from the College of Design can create digital tools for College of Design digital displays in Lawrence Hall. Learn more about creating slides for digital displays on the College of Design blog.