The nonprofit organization I am doing for my project, Community Fine Arts Center of Rock Springs, has three main media outlets. They are Facebook, their website, and flyers. For my media inventory, I wanted to expand their social networks and media formats.

The first social media I would like to suggest is LinkedIn, tumblr, Youtube, and twitter. The reason I would suggest LinkedIn is that it would provide a wider audience for their services and connect them with other art centers and artists. Artists would be particularly important because they could take classes or teach at the center.

The next social medias for their center should include Pinterest. They can showcase works from students and also gain ideas for different aspects of the organization. I use this media tools for interesting ideas on ice breakers, teaching techniques, and thank you notes.

For my project, I am going to design a volunteer application and a thank you card. Two are very important for all nonprofits and it would be nice to see a common them between the two. The thank you card could also be a letterhead. However, I want to make the application in a different format.

The other format I want to suggest is a tote bag. That way projects taken home with children or adults can be carried easily from the center to their homes. They can also use these around town and in other places were people can see and ask where to get one. Great marketing strategy because Rock Springs is starting to push recycling in the schools and area.

The last new format I would suggest are pencils or pens. They have a close tie with all the schools in Rock Springs and it would be easy for students to take these pencils and pens for classes.

After I have finished rebranding their organization, the theme would be carried out through all media outlets.