The three logos I chose for this assignment are ones that I interact with everyday. They stand out to me because they are memorable and, in my opinion, successful in design.  So HERE WE GO…

1.) Facebook

My first logo is the Facebook logo. I think almost everyone in class can agree that this is one service they use everyday. It’s on everyone’s smart phone, computer, and tablets. Facebook has made international news, documentaries, and movies. It has opened the doors to possibilities for social media and could be considered as a venue for art. Their logo has to be one of the most recognizable images now a days. It is so simple in their design that is really only includes one shape. One being a square with rounded tip corners and the letter f cut out of it that is aligned to the left. It does not have a narrative for the company but it does create a emotion.   The color does give a more welcoming to users on the computer. I am also impress for the most part that the same blue can be seen on any type of computer screen. (Web safe) Purposefully of course because it is meant to reach out to everyone.  Also to be notated is that the f is aligned more to the left. It is not evenly centered which most people would prefer. They align it just right so that it is apparent but not off putting.  One can also see they designed this f themselves because the inner part is slatted. Again, it is not apparent at first glance. How to interpret  this is  y saying they are making it difference to the networking society. I can surely say Facebook has made reaching out to others and networking in a whole new way.

2.) Batman

I know that there have been many Batmans in the day but they all have one thing in common. The Batman symbol. How do I interact with this logo? Well part of me is a huge Batman-fantatic. However, the majority of the reason chose this logo it that I see it on T-Shirts, advertisements, and different adaptations everywhere. Plus it is very inspirational. It stands for a symbol of a guardian.  It is bold to represent strength. It boldness  is from the simple design. In most cases, you really only need to have the shape of the bat for someone to realize who and what this symbol represents. The colors are usually just black which represent  darkness and fear to all the bad guys in the city.  It is my favorite of all the logos. Oh and by the way, I AM BATMAN! LOL

3.) Sweet Pea Festival

This last logo was my inspiration from Bozeman, MT. It is a festival of the arts and it is an event in Bozeman that is historically  been around since the turn of the 20th century. I have a thing for simplicity and using shapes to create an emotional connection with the viewer. The Sweet Pea festival puts this logo on everything. On wrist bands, letterhead, posters, t-shirts, and bill boards. Everyone in the Gallatin County knows this symbol and marks their calender every year if they want to participate. What makes it successful is that it creates this modern abstract to a the sweet pea flower. The abstract makes it very creative design which the celebration is for creativity. I love the color because it is welcoming and family friendly. Again, representing the festival’s atmosphere. One thing about this design is that  it is an organization that has been around for a long time, you wouldn’t think that it was an old organization. I think it was an attempt to draw more visitors. One thing I should mention, the festival is built around a festival of Sweet Pea. I hope that clarifies why the Sweet Pea flower is so important to this non-profit organization.