Independence Planning & Design

University of Oregon Green Cities


University of Oregon

Ric Stephens, Instructor
Tyce Herrman, Graduate Teaching Fellowship
Harry Ashworth – Aquaponics
Kathryn Boardman – Local Food / Farmers’ Market
Chloe Bosnar – Civic Engagement
Roslyn Braun – Food Self-sufficiency
Logan Brown – Medicinal Herb Garden
Will Butler – Bikeability
Haley Campbell – Stormwater Management
Arturo Castro – Sense of Place
Karla Cifuentes – Urban Landscaping
Pedro Costa de Araujo – Biophilic Design
Cassidy De Blois – Urban Design
Andrew Deichler – Bikeable Infrastructure
Kristen Delarosa – Meet Independence
Rilee Dockins Public Space
Alexis Engelbrecht – Regenerative Design
Corrigan Etheredge – Park/River Recreation Design
Benjamin Fernyhough – Transportation / Permaculture
Sean Flores – Smart City
Caleb Furlong – Second Street Renovation
Reilly Gardner – Solar Suitability GIS Model
Rachel Grant – Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
Hannah Greenberg – Renewable Energy Public Art

Sam Hoffman – Public Space
Nicholas Jaindl – Independence City
Erik Jung – Public Art
Corum Ketchum – Multi-modal Transportation
Lea Kingsley – Roadways
Indigo Larson – Low Impact Development
Eleandra Lewis – Biophilic Design
Kaitlin Loomis – Green Roofs
Danny Maretz – Green Design 
Marcus McArdle – Welcome to Independence
Kaley McCarty – Community Space
Skyler Mendelson – Green Roofs for Independence City
Patrick Miller – Engagement with the Latino Community
Rachel Moeller – Local Farming
Eric Mongan – Rainwater Management
Jordan Morales – Recommendations
Eric Mullen – Rainwater Management
Christopher Mulverhill – Bike-friendly Design
Waverly Neer – Sporting Facilities
Zoe Newland – Bike Friendly
Kelly Odion – Green Walls
Lily Oswald – Public Art & Space
Tyler Panagiotu – Biophilic Design
Emma Porricolo – Complete Streets
Madison Pyle – Community Garden
Jake Railton – Energy Efficiency
Aaron Roberts – Community Gardens
Brian Soutavong – 20-Minute Neighborhoods
Jesse Stahl – Green City Planning

Matt Stephens – Green Space
Allison Sweeney – Public Transportation
Francisco Toledo – Vision for City of Independence
Emily Vincent – Sense of Place
Danton Wang – Green Space
Sierra Westlake – Repair Riparian Zone
Skyland Worman – Urban Farming / Community Engagement
Alex Wright – Green City Planning
Seamus Yeo – Green Walls, Energy and Art

Bryce Yoshikawa – Complete Streets
Matthew Zhun – Walkability

Visiting Chinese Scholars

Shengnan Lai, Professor
Shanxun Wu, Professor

City of Independence

John McArdle, City Mayor
David Clyne
, City Manager
Michael Danko, Community Development Director / Public Works Director
Shawn Irvine, Economic Development Director
Joseph Shearer, Contract Planner

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

Tom Hogue, Economic Development Policy Analyst
Angela Lazarean, Willamette Valley Regional Representative

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