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University of Oregon Green Cities

Green Cities

The Green Cities course is part of the University of Oregon Planning, Public Policy and Management Department program. Interdisciplinary students examine the history and future of the interface between urban growth and environmental concerns, and the technological, social, and political forces that continue to shape it. Special emphasis is given to sustainable development, urban resiliency and regenerative design.

The Fall 2015 Green Cities course will study the City of Independence in coordination with City staff, elected officials, citizens and international environmental design professionals.

  • Sep 30 Course Overview and Major Concepts, Vision
  • Oct 7 Economy and Society, Biodiversity
  • Oct 14 Ecological Footprints, Modeling Cities on Ecosystems
  • Oct 21 Sense of Place, Empowerment and Participation
  • Oct 28 Partnerships, Sustainable Production and Consumption
  • Nov 4 Mechanical, Systems & Planning Models & Midterm Exam
  • Nov 7 Design Charrette, Independence
  • Nov 11 Governance and Hope
  • Nov 12 Public Hearing Simulation, Eugene
  • Nov 18 Chinese Presentations
  • Nov 25 Trends, Projections, Predictions
  • Dec 2 Presentations
  • Dec 7 Final Exam (2:45pm) & Research Papers

University of Oregon, Lillis Business Complex, Room 112

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