The Graduate School provides support for all students through events, groups and clubs for students to engage with, and specific opportunities for financial awards and support. Additional information may also be found on theĀ Current Students page.



From writing workshops to speakers and more, there are countless events offered each week to help equip graduate students as best as possible.


UO groups and clubs exist to support students and provide a healthy outlet to talk, learn and grow both professionally and personally. No matter your interests and backgrounds, there is something for everyone!

Rehearsals for Life

Utilizing scenario-based learning founded on the model of Theatre of the Oppressed and other applied theatre modalities, students develop interactive presentations on current issues

Women in Graduate Science

Professional development for women in all disciplines of science to enable them to become successful contributors to their fields

Graduate Student Association

GSA focuses on the graduate student experience by providing or facilitating programs, opportunities, activities, and information resources


Thanks to generous donations and exceptional graduate work, extra opportunities exist to help support Masters and Ph.D. students reach their full potential in their chosen field of study

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