To report GE sick leave, please follow these instructions:

  1. Speak with your supervisor to let him or her know that you are taking a sick day and discuss whether the class will be canceled or if a sub will be replacing you that day.
  2. Send an email to your supervisor (using the template below) to officially document that you are using a GE sick day. Please Cc the SOMD Front Desk and SOMD Accounting Office to this email.
  3. Send an email to your students (please remember to use the Bcc field) to notify them of your absence and whether the class will be canceled/rescheduled.
  4. If your absence is related to ESO, please also complete this form: ESO Missed Service

To: [supervisor email]


Subject: GE Sick Day


Dear [Supervisor Name],

Due to illness, I will not be able to teach on [DATE]. As we discussed, I will cancel/reschedule the class and will communicate about my absence to my students.

My absence will affect the following course(s):


[DAY and TIME]


Thank you,


For more information about GE Sick Leave, please see Article 28 in the CBA:

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