In Winter 2016, GLOSS and the Linguistics Department of the University of Oregon hosted the following colloquia:

Jan. 8 Friday – Colette Grinevald (Université Lyon 2)

Jan. 15 Friday – Matthew Dryer (University at Buffalo)

Jan. 22 Friday –  Natalia Cáceres (Dynamique Du Langage (DDL), Lyon France)

Jan. 29 Friday – Eric Pederson (University of Oregon)

Feb. 5 Friday – Sameer ud Dowla Khan (Reed College)

Feb. 12 Friday – Tyler Kendall (University of Oregon)

Feb 19 Friday – Doris Payne (University of Oregon)

Feb 26 Friday – Zhuo Jing-Schmidt (East Asian Languages, University of Oregon)

Mar. 5 Friday – Dare Baldwin, (Psychology, University of Oregon)