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Vicenza: Che Bella Citta

Vicenza isn’t among the top tourist destinations in Italy, and I enjoy that. Sketch of Duomo - Firenze_KellyBuchananVicenza feels authentic and real. In Vicenza, I am greeted by “Buongiorno” or “Salve”, not “Hello.” Paying and waiting in lines is not required to experience Vicenza, yet there is still plenty to marvel at.

I am amazed at the constant presence of residents out and about in Vicenza. It is obvious that they take pride in their city and enjoy being a part of its everyday activities. From my daily commutes, I have noticed that there is never a dull moment in the piazza Signori. Even when there is not a scheduled event in the piazza, the piazza still provides prime people watching. I have enjoyed watching the passing of bachelorette parties, local musicians playing for change, children riding their bikes and the dog who brings a tennis ball to anyone willing to throw it for him.

Roman Forum_KellyBuchananThe Basilica and its brilliant copper roof serves as a beautiful landmark and is the anchor of the city. It is a daily destination for me as well as­ others in town. In addition to the Basilica, Vicenza has an amazing collection of Palladio works. The Villa Rotunda was among my favorite buildings to sketch and the Opera at the historic Teatro Olimpico was spectacular.

I am going to miss the beautiful cityscape of Vicenza, but also the cuisine and the outdoor exploring. Righetti’s is one of my favorite places in town. Even after eating there night after night, I still looked forward to it every day.

Vicenza has so much to offer and there is always something new to discover. The simple delights of Vicenza make it a wonderful place to live in. Vicenza provides a great example of what people everywhere try to achieve in their own daily lives and cities.

– Kelly Buchanan, Architecture in Vicenza