Advising Spotlight: Business

Students have much to choose from with GEO, but we know that busy advisors don’t always have the time to look at every program option before making a recommendation. To assist with that, GEO is launching a monthly “spotlight” article for our partners focusing on certain areas of study. Hopefully, this will allow quick familiarization with GEO programs in particular fields, and it can also act as a quick reference guide.

GEO is always expanding its offerings, so the best resource will always be our website, but for those new to GEO or looking for some quick details to help make a recommendation, we hope these monthly advising spotlights will be helpful.

The advising spotlight this month is on business. There are many programs that offer a full business-related curriculum, and there are other shorter, specialty programs as well.

Program Location(s) Term Weeks Area of Study Semester Credits Quarter Credits Housing Internship?
Business for a Better World: Social Entrepreneurship in London London, UK Summer 4 entrepreneurship 5 8 Residence Hall No
Global Economics in London London, UK Spring Quarter 10 economics 8-12 12-18 apartment Yes
Global Business in London London, UK Spring Quarter 10 business 8-12 12-18 apartment Yes
Pre-Business in Siena Siena, Italy Spring Quarter 10 business prerequisites 10-13 15-20 apartment No
Sports Business Global Studies Netherlands, Germany, and UK Summer 2 sports business 4 6 hostel/hotel No
Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv, Israel Spring Semester 14-16 entrepreneurship 12+ 18+ residence hall OR apartment Yes
University of the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia Fall/Spring Semester 14-16 business 12+ 18+ residence hall OR apartment Yes
Wine Marketing in Siena Siena, Italy Summer 8 marketing 7 10 apartment No

To see all of the programs that offer business courses available to partners, please visit our website. As always, make sure you and your students select “I am a partner at a GEO partner university” radial button and then hit search to see the proper listings.