Go Down Under with GEO!

GEO is excited to announce a new partnership in Australia that allows partner students to study Down Under at the University of the Sunshine Coast! With courses in environmental studies, animal ecology, sport science, communications, business, tourism, and much more, USC Sunshine Coast offers a large variety of programs that include hands-on training, practical experience, and internships. Through GEO, students will join the 12,000 students served at the university, including over 1000 international students, and each student will receive a high level of student support provided by USC’s study abroad office, as well as GEO. GEO students will have access to award-winning teaching and study spaces, Olympic-standard sport equipment, and spaces for relaxation and independent study, including campus facilities like an Engineering Learning Hub with 3D CAVE2TM visualization studio; simulated nursing labs; specialized computer, science, manufacturing and design labs; nationally accredited sport science labs; and a range of interactive digital learning spaces.

Home to some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, including the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays, this region of Australia north of Brisbane offers nearly unlimited options for outdoor sporting activities and unique animal viewing. In fact, kangaroos are a common sight on campus! Students can take advantage of the Sunshine Coast hinterland to explore the eucalyptus forests and waterfalls of Kondalilla National Park or hike Mt. Ngungun. There are ample possibilities for water sports, as well as shopping nightlife in local cities, including the regional capital of Brisbane, only 55 miles to the south.

USC Campus, Australia

The academic year at USC is divided into two semesters. The first semester runs from mid-July to Late November and the second semester starts in late February and finishes at the end of June. The curriculum at USC is organized in units and courses. Study Abroad students are eligible to undertake 3 or 4 courses (36 or 48 units) per semester and can choose from a wide range of disciplines. Most USC programs also offer opportunities for Work integrated learning (WIL).

Another exciting opportunity for GEO students at USC is to build their own curriculum or opt to earn a Diploma. A Diploma is a recognized 1-year Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) award program. The courses are on the Bachelor level.

USC offers a variety of Diploma programs:

  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Communication
  • Diploma in General Studies
  • Diploma in Outdoor Environmental Studies
  • Diploma in Social Science
  • Diploma in Sport and Fitness

For eligible students, it is possible to complete prerequisites at home and then complete the Diploma in one semester. If students transfer four semester courses of credit, this will reduce the required eight required courses of a Diploma and will mean that they are only required to complete the remaining four courses at USC to graduate. Eligibility of credit transfer can only be assessed by USC once an application has been received. Courses availability is dependent on the Diploma program selected. For the full list of available courses, view the program structure for the relevant Diploma page. Students who complete the Diploma program can attend the USC Graduation ceremony.

We look forward to welcoming partner students to join GEO down under! For more information about this program, please visit the GEO website.