GEO Students Celebrate the 4th of July in Segovia, Spain

GEO students studying in Segovia, Spain, this summer got the unique experience of celebrating the 4th of July together with the Segovia Center director, Marian Rubio, at a special dinner out at a local restaurant. In an article from, Marian elaborates: “‘It’s Independence Day for the United States. My students are celebrating a special day outside their [country] for the first time in their lives. But they are happy and here at El Oso Blanco we are going to have a special [meal] and a sangria, so that…they not only do not miss their country, but they are [experiencing] something unique in their lives and never forget it.'”

GEO students can study Spanish language and culture in Segovia year-round while living with a local family and immersing themselves in the unique history of this UNESCO World Heritage city close to Madrid. The Center Director, Marian Rubio, is a long-time resident of the city and explains, “’It is a unique experience for them. They are usually saying that it is the best experience of their life.'”

Click here to read the article and view the video clip featuring the fluent Spanish interviews with the GEO students!