GEO Events at NAFSA 2019

It’s that time of year again, and we hope you’ll drop by to visit with GEO staff at table #1819 in the Go Overseas pavilion in the Exhibition Hall during the 2019 NAFSA conference in Washington, D.C!

Plan to leave a card for daily drawings of some very cool prizes from our Centers abroad and be sure to stop by the NAFSA Poster Fair on Friday, May 31, when GEO staff will be presenting “Creating Communities that Support Global Learning On & Off Campus”, a poster on strategies for placing the student voice at the center of campus conversations around study abroad. If you’d like to make a formal appointment with the Assistant Director for Institutional Relations, Lisa Calevi, please feel free to email to set up a meeting.

Exhibition Hall Hours
Visit us during exhibition hours and enter our daily giveaways! Drop your card in our “Lucky Duck” to win.

Tuesday, 8:30 – 3:30
Daily giveaway: Direct from GEO’s center in Siena, Italy, enter to win a PORCUPINE SCARF (from the Istrice Contrada…only the cool people have these) and learn more about our programs that take place during the famed and historic Sienese ‘Il Palio’ in Italy!

Wednesday, 8:30 – 5:00
Daily giveaway: Consider scratching Oviedo and Segovia off your new SCRATCH MAP with a visit to GEO’s Open Houses in at two centers in Spain during Fall 2019!

Thursday, 8:30 – 5:00
Daily giveaway: Royal fever is at a high pitch but keep calm and carry on with this British momento and hear more about our London Center!

NAFSA Poster Fair Presentation

Friday, May 31 – 9-10:30 am
Real (and Real-time) Student Engagement: New Approaches to Building Community
Presented by Lisa Calevi and Kayla Grosjean

GEO will be presenting at the NAFSA 2019 Poster Fair “Creating Communities that Support Global Learning On & Off Campus” on strategies for placing the student voice at the center of campus conversations around study abroad.

Building community with GEN-Z means engaging with independent digital natives who place a high value on face-to-face communication. Our scaffold approach leads with digital engagement and builds towards an increasingly complex series of deeper personal encounters that amplify the voices of “exploring”, alumni, and underrepresented students.

Our three progressive approaches to building global learning communities include:

  • Real-time Outreach – how to refresh outreach tactics through interactive elements to better engage students and generate data
  • Alumni Amplification – how to maximize personal engagement via peer-to-peer, analog and digital storytelling
  • Inclusive Practices – how to work with multicultural campus stakeholders to build a student panel that celebrates diversity and inclusion while avoiding tokenization

We hope you can stop by to visit with us and learn more!

See you in D.C.!