Coming in Fall 2019: Beginning Spanish in Oviedo & Open Houses in Spain!

Spain is a popular tourist destination these days, but GEO is proud to be operating in sites a little off the beaten path: Oviedo and Segovia. There’s something extra special about these two towns, which are very different in climate and setting, but both share things central to a good student experience: they are conveniently compact and walkable, safe and clean, and they both host long-standing relationships with local universities and host families. Both are convenient to major transportation, but neither is overrun by tourists and that makes them ideal for students looking to immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture. Both locations offer programming throughout the academic year in Spring, Summer, and Fall, with Oviedo additionally offering Maymester. Customized program opportunities are also available at each center.

This fall, GEO is excited to announce that an additional A1 language track is being made available for absolute beginners of Spanish in Oviedo. Offered in conjunction with the University of Oviedo, this track requires a minimum of six student participants and will be available to GEO students starting this coming fall. Intermediate and advanced Spanish students are still able to take advantage of both Segovia and Oviedo options, but if you have a student with no language background, this is a great option!

Also this fall, GEO will be hosting two Open Houses at our Spain centers, and we invite you to join us! Segovia’s Open House will take place on Oct. 26-29, 2019, while Oviedo’s Open House will take place on Oct. 29-31, 2019. Partner representatives are to join us one or both site visits, where participants will explore the host city, meet GEO staff including on-site directors, tour GEO facilities and observe ongoing academic programs at each location. If you are looking for immersive opportunities for your students in standing programs or locations for faculty-led programming, GEO centers provide an ideal environment for students to advance their Spanish language skills and understand Spanish culture. All in-country travel, lodging, meals, and Open House activities are funded for participants who apply by August 23, 2019. Please contact Lisa Calevi at for additional information or sign up here: