Faculty-Led and Customized Program Proposal Requests Open for 2020!

If you, your department or your faculty have ever thought about designing a customized education abroad program…now is the time! GEO is now accepting program proposals for customized programs from our partners and other institutions for the year 2020 at the following locations:

Accra, Ghana • Angers, France • Athens, Greece • Dublin, Ireland • Fes, Morocco • London, United Kingdom • Oviedo, Spain • Rosario, Argentina • Segovia, Spain • Siena, Italy 

GEO works with faculty and departments to develop programs that integrate well with the academic, co-curricular, and cultural strengths of GEO sites or other study locations.The success of a customized or faculty led program depends on a number of factors, including:

• Academic content that is attractive and relevant to at least one of the following:o a broad spectrum of students from a variety of majors and interests;o or, a focused and highly specialized major with strong departmental support for, and student interest in, the specific program theme.

• A thematic focus that is relevant to the location of the site abroad and can utilize distinctive local physical, cultural and academic resources.

• An enthusiastic and dedicated faculty leader(s) or department that can successfully promote the program to students starting 9-12 months prior to the program start date.

In developing a customized program, GEO can adjust factors like length, credits and excursions to meet the exact needs of your students. Many programs are all-inclusive, but opportunities to only rent classroom space or utilize GEO housing or tie your program into existing courses on-site are also possible. If you have questions, please reach out to your institutional relations representative to discuss your options!

While proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, hard deadlines for proposal submissions occur on December 15, 2018, for spring and summer 2020 programs and March 15, 2019, for fall 2020 programs. Please visit https://geo.uoregon.edu/teach and scroll to the green box at the bottom of the page to download the application form for more information.