Faculty Development Grants Are Open!

Oftentimes, faculty have an interest in hosting a study abroad program, but they are hesitant to shoulder the incredible burden of researching the destination, setting up the logistics and arranging all of the details when they already have full teaching and/or research loads. Sometimes new faculty have the passion but also lack the experience in a certain location. Gaining on-the-ground experience, becoming familiar with local resources and developing a successful program takes time and effort, and it’s something that GEO wishes to support, which is why we offer faculty-led program development grants!

Each year, GEO accepts applications from faculty at our partner institutions to award modest grants up to $3000 in support of faculty-led program development with the purpose of developing new, faculty-led study abroad programs with GEO. Grants can help fund a visit to a single site or to multiple sites within one country or world region, allowing faculty to develop on-the-ground experience and connections, meet with GEO’s local staff and understand the resources and facilities available to them and their students.

Submissions from partner campuses are encouraged for the following GEO center locations: Rosario, Argentina;  Accra, Ghana; Athens, Greece; Siena, Italy; Oviedo, Spain; Segovia, Spain; London, UK; and France. Other destinations will be considered upon consultation prior to the submission deadline. To be eligible, the partner faculty’s home campus most sponsor the proposed GEO program site as an approved study abroad program.

The current round of applications is now open until February 15, 2019. Proposed program planning activities may occur anytime between April 1 – September 30, 2019 for program operation dates of winter 2021 or beyond.  For more information on how to apply for one of these grants, please visit https://geo.uoregon.edu/teach and click on ‘Faculty Grants’ or go directly to this link to download the information.