Look No Further for GEO Partner Scholarships!

GEO is always looking to make our website easier to navigate, and we recently made a small but significant change we want to bring to your attention!

As you are advising your students, if you want to give them a quick overview of the two main scholarships GEO offers for partners, you can now find a new link on our main scholarship pageĀ (https://geo.uoregon.edu/scholarships) by scrolling down and looking at the rightmost column called “GEO Scholarships for Partner Students”. This link will take students directly to detailed information about the two general scholarships: GEO Ambassador and Map Your Future. They will also be able to find links here to apply for these scholarships. They can also navigate straight to the partner-specific page atĀ https://geo.uoregon.edu/scholarships/geo-scholarships.

As a reminder, the Map Your Future scholarship for first year students only is $1000 that can be applied to any GEO program at any time, and the scholarship can be used at the student’s discretion any time until graduation. The deadline for this program is coming up on Dec. 10th, so please remind your freshmen to apply for this exciting opportunity!

All students, freshmen to seniors, are also invited to apply for the GEO Ambassador scholarship, which is also $1000. Students can apply for and receive both, so encourage your students to check these out today!