Additional Program Scholarships for 2018-19!

GEO is excited to announce that additional scholarship funds are now available for several of our programs for the 2018-19 academic year! Each program has its own separate pool of scholarship funds specifically set aside for it, which means that only students on that program can apply for those funds. There is no competition among the programs, and these are separate from our GEO’s regular scholarships, Map Your Future and GEO Ambassador. For example, a partner student can apply for both a GEO Ambassador scholarship AND a program scholarship, thereby increasing their funding for the program, if successful. And if they have a Map Your Future scholarship, they can add that, too!

Program scholarships are available for the following GEO programs in 2018-19:

Since each program has its own scholarship only open to students accepted to that program, the application materials are within the Terra Dotta application for that program. Students wondering how to apply can visit their application or start one for that program and they will see the scholarship questionnaire as part of the documents they need to submit. Applications are competitive and do require students submit a copy of their financial aid award letter or a statement of financial need, along with a scholarship essay that asks them to expand on their study abroad and career goals and any considerations for merit or need. We highly encourage students to apply for these, as there is limited competition for these funds, which greatly improve their chances of being selected.

If you or your students have further questions about these scholarships, please contact your GEO Institutional Representative, and encourage your students to apply!