Let GEO help your students secure scholarships!

Fall will soon be upon us, and with fall comes a new round of scholarship applications for students. One of the major ones among these is the Benjamin A. Gilman, a national-level scholarship that provides funding of up to $5,000 for students to study abroad, as well as an additional $3,000 possible for students engaged in the study of a federally-designated critical language. The Gilman is not only an honor for students to receive, but also significant financial assistance to students wishing to study abroad. The deadline for spring and early-decision summer 2019 applications is October 2, 2018 – just a little over a month away – and GEO is ready to help!

Every year, GEO offers free scholarship advising for all GEO students for the Gilman and any other study abroad scholarship a student may be applying for, from essay brainstorming and reviews to checking to make sure nothing is forgotten or missing. If you have a student in need of scholarship assistance, they are welcome to email geoinfo@uoregon.edu for more information on how they can connect with one of our scholarship advisors over the phone or via email. On-campus resources, including writing centers and financial aid advisors, can also be great resources!

Interested in hosting a scholarship workshop? Let your GEO Institutional Representative know! An hour-long workshop on writing an essay, preparing to apply for a Gilman, or other scholarship resources are all possible topics and can be easily offered in conjunction with your representative’s visit to campus this fall!

Finally, GEO is renewing our call for partner institution students to submit applications for the Map Your Future scholarship with a new deadline of December 10, 2018. This revised deadline will allow students to more easily make use of these funds for the following summer term, should they wish to. As always, this $1000 scholarship is open only to freshmen, but once received, it is viable until graduation, rewarding the student who plans ahead to make study abroad a reality. More details on this scholarship can be found here.

All GEO students, regardless of class standing, can also apply for our $1000 GEO Ambassador scholarship, which has newly revised options for fulfilling the service requirement. For more information and upcoming deadlines, please have your students visit: https://geo.uoregon.edu/scholarships/geo-scholarships.