GEO Awards 15 Partner Student Scholarships

This spring, GEO was pleased to award 12 partner students participating in fall and summer GEO programs the GEO Ambassador Scholarship. Each recipient receives $1,000 for his or her respective program and will share information about study abroad through media or outreach projects proposed by the student. This is the inaugural round of partner students competing for dedicated partner funding, and GEO will feature these students in our 2018-19 partner newsletters after they complete their respective programs.

In addition to the GEO Ambassador Scholarship, three first-year students were awarded the Map Your Future Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all first-year students at partner campuses and reserves $1,000 for students to use toward any GEO study abroad program at any point in the student’s undergraduate career. We firmly believe that planning ahead makes study abroad more accessible and affordable, and we were excited to learn one of our partner campuses in Washington implemented a similar idea on their own campus to encourage study abroad planning from the beginning! We hope to award even more of these scholarships next year.

For more information on the GEO Scholarships available to your students and how they can apply, please contact your IR representative.