New Program: Greek Food and Culture in Athens


In summer 2017, UO anthropology and food studies professor Stephen Wooten will lead a new GEO program titled Greek Food and Culture in Athens.

The program focuses on experiential learning in the historically rich and dynamically modern city of Athens and on the nearby Cycladic Island of Kea, the productive fields and vineyards of the charming Peloponnese region and in Crete, the sun-drenched epicenter of the UNESCO World Heritage recognized Mediterranean diet. These areas of Greece are all famous for their strong food-based identities, their beautiful landscapes and their high quality foods and wines.

In this program participants will learn from trusted and accomplished scholars as well as local intellectuals, food producers and purveyors: professors, writers, small and large-scale farmers and vintners, family cooks and professional chefs, and creative entrepreneurs who are building internationally recognized sustainable food businesses that preserve and celebrate Greece’s food culture. While much will be learned about the Greek experience with food and culture, students will also come away with key food studies concepts that are applicable in any world context.

The program is taught in English; there is no language requirement and the program is open to all majors. It is particularly suitable for students in food studies, business, environmental studies, sociology, international studies, geography, humanities and anthropology.

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