American Gasotransmitter Symposium
Twitter Poster Event – June 26, 2020!

The American Gasotransmitter Symposium welcomes all scientists working at the interface of NO, CO, H2S and related small molecules. The goal of this network is to broaden and enhance the research community working at the interface of these biomolecules and to highlight key opportunities and challenges related to the chemistry, tool development, biological roles, and clinical applications of these species. With past meetings in Atlanta (2017) and Eugene (2019), the American Gasotransmitter Symposium is open to all scientists around the world interested in learning about and fostering growth in research focused on these important and enigmatic signaling molecules.

To help foster connections between young scientists, we are organizing a trainee-focused Twitter poster event on June 26, 2020. The goal of this event is to highlight the breadth of gasotransmitter-related work and to build new connections between scientists at the interface of these individual fields.

Organizer: Mike Pluth (@mdpluth, @PluthGroup) University of Oregon
Organizing Committee: Lisa Berreau (@berreau), Utah State University; Hari Chakrapani (@hari_chakrapani), IISER Pune; Alex Lippert (@LippertLab), Southern Methodist University; John Matson (@jbmatson, @MatsonLab), Virginia Tech

To participate:

  1. Register here
  2. Tweet your poster with the #Gaso2020 hashtag on June 26, 2020
    In addition to the #Gaso2020 hashtag, add one or more subject-specific hashtag:

    • #Gaso2020NO for all NO-related posters
    • #Gaso2020CO for all CO-related poster
    • #Gaso2020H2S for all H2S-related posters
    • #Gaso2020other for all other related small molecule posters
  3. Participate by viewing, discussing, and liking posters during the 24-hour event!

Registration (Strongly encouraged)

  • Please register by June 23, 2020 using this link. Registration will help the organizing committee publicize your poster and assess the impact of this virtual event.
  • Registration is simple and only requires your:
    1. Name
    2. Email address
    3. Institution
    4. Twitter username
    5. Expected title of the poster (if tweeting a poster)

All registered attendees will receive a pdf of all poster images that used the #Gaso2020 hashtag. Please register if you are planning to participate even if you are not planning to tweet a poster.


  • Participants can tweet #Gaso2020 posters for 24 hours starting at 12:00 UTC on June 26th. For a time-zone converter, please click here.
  • During the event, tweet the title, relevant hashtags, and high-resolution image for your poster. Use #Gaso2020 for all posters, and add #Gaso2020NO, #Gaso2020CO, #Gaso2020H2S, and/or #Gaso2020other for specific subject areas.


  • Keep your poster simple
  • Make sure text is readable, even for small image sizes
  • Focus on the key points and conclusions to get your point across quickly
  • Twitter images show up in landscape rather than portrait orientation, so plan accordingly when designing your poster.
  • Indicate a 30-minute time slot on your poster when you will be available for real-time discussion.
  • Have fun, ask questions, and meet new researchers in our field!