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Useful Contacts and Information

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General Safety

Eugene and campus are generally safe places – just make sure you use common sense. During the evening, the well-lit streets of downtown Eugene are generally safe. However, it is not recommended to be alone on campus or in downtown Eugene at night or in darker places. Be sensible — don’t walk alone at night.

Medical Emergency

  • In a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.
  • Tell them you need to go to Sacred Heart-University District Hospital (it’s two blocks from your hotel, on the corner of 13th and Hilyard Ave.)
  • After calling 911, locate or contact Jeff, Maryne, or Paolo (contact info below).

Safety or fire emergency

  • University of Oregon Department Police Department
    • 24 Hour, Emergency Service, call 9-1-1
    • 24 Hour, Non-Emergency Service, call 541-346-2919

Severe weather alerts

Any other emergency

  • Locate a staff member for instructions

UO Staff phone numbers for emergencies:

Jeff Magoto 541-346-4319
Maryne Dayna 541-346-1790
Paolo Daniele 541-346-1203

Leave a message if we don’t pick up!


Map of Campus

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