Jeff Magoto ( is the Director of the Yamada Language Center and a faculty member of the Language Teaching Studies program at the University of Oregon. He has supervised more than 25 FLTAs at the university in the past fourteen years. He has taught EFL in Morocco and Portugal, and ESL in the U.S. for more than 30 years. His research interests include language leadership and program development, Less Commonly Taught Languages, and teacher education.
Lori O’Hollaren ( is the Associate Director of the UO Global Studies Institute at the University of Oregon, a consortium of nine member and four affiliated international research and outreach centers. She is also the Associate Director of the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, which is a Title VI National Resource Center.
Abe Schafermeyer ( is the Director of International Student and Scholar Services in the Office of International Affairs at the University of Oregon. His team serves over 3,000 international undergraduate and graduate students (12% of the student body) and more than 250 visiting faculty and researchers from more than 90 countries with a comprehensive suite of holistic programs and services designed to impact international student and scholar retention and success.
Paolo Daniele ( is the Coordinator of inbound Visiting and Exchange student Programs and is the point person for the Foreign Fulbright Student Programs at the University of Oregon. His professional interests include innovative new programs development such as cultural integration, internship placement, and short-term experiences for international students through the UO Oregon Experience Program.
Keli Yerian, Ph.D ( is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and the Director of the Language Teaching Studies MA Program at the University of Oregon. She has been a teacher and teacher educator in Linguistics, Language Education and ESL/EFL for over 20 years. Her research interests are in language and interaction, most specifically in the use of gesture in both L1 and L2 speakers, as well as language teacher education, including the professional development of future language teachers.



Matt Carmichael, M.A. ( is the Chief of Police of the UO Police Department.
Robert Elliott, M.A. ( is Senior Instructor in the American English Institute and Language Teaching Studies MA Program at the University of Oregon. He is also the Associate Director of the Northwest Indian Language Institute. He has been a teacher and teacher educator in ESL/EFL and Native Language Education and for over 20 years. His research interests interests include Native Language Revitalization, language training of international graduate students and scholars, and Computer Assisted Language Learning.
Kaori Idemaru, Ph.D ( is Associate Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures where she teaches courses in both applied and theoretical linguistics. As a linguist she is interested in speech perception and speech learning; as an applied linguist, she’s particularly interested in the methods for teaching and learning speech by adult second language learners.
Harinder Khalsa, M.A. ( is Senior Instructor in the Department of Romance Languages. She is also the Coordinator of the Self Study Language Program at the Yamada Language Center where she teaches Turkish supervises tutors of 8 other languages. Her passion lies in keeping language learning fun, interesting and meaningful for all generations of students through research in pedagogy and advancements in technology. In her classes she seeks to create a community of learners who are able to recognize where they are with their language skills and their understanding of culture; and working on improving upon them day-by-day.
Ian McNeely, Ph.D ( is Professor of History and Department Head of German-Scandinavian. He has been a faculty member at UO since 2002, and has held many positions of academic leadership, including the first-ever Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts and Sciences, where he led major initiatives in curriculum reform and online learning. His research interests are focused on intellectual history, particularly that of Germany and the rise of the modern university.
M. Benedita Santos, M.A. ( is Senior Instructor in Portuguese in the Department of Romance Languages. She has been a language teacher, in her words, “for a long time.” She started her career as an ESL instructor in Brasilia where she worked until coming to the US in 2005 to pursue graduate work and to help found the Portuguese program at UO. She’s a frequent presenter at conferences where she enjoys sharing her love for teaching and her interests in transformative learning experiences. She’s also a former Fulbrighter.


Language Faculty Mentors

Lauretta Di Renzo-Huter, Ph.D ( is Senior instructor of Italian in the Department of Romance Languages.
Heghine Hakobyan, M.A. ( is the Slavic librarian at UO and adjunct faculty in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies department.
Kelley Leon-Howarth, M.A. ( is Senior instructor of Spanish in the Department of Romance Languages.
Jean Wu, Ph.D ( is Senior Instructor of Chinese in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.


Graduate Student Program Assistants

Regan Anderson (
Sam Ault (
Cheyenne Cox (
Huda Felimban (
Lisa Hoeller (
Bryant Jimenez (
Jesus Napancca (
Zuxuwan Ni (
Tera Reid-Olds (
Dustin Robson (
Emma Rouzaud (
Jonathan Wright (




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