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Meet the Team

Your 2016-2017 ExplOregon Team:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.29.53 AM Amanda Trip Leader:

“I am a Sociology major and I also minor in Italian and Critical Reasoning/Writing.  I love going on hikes, camping, reading a great book, writing, photography, meeting new people.  I am from San Francisco, California”.

brian Brian Trip Leader:

“I am a Sociology and major and I minor in Spanish.  I enjoy firm photography, hiking, traveling, camping, eating pizza, going to concernt and music festivals, and a good nap.  I am from Salem, Oregon”.


Program Coordinator:

“I am a Masters of Public Administration graduate student.  While at Chico State I earned a BA in Psychology, Multicultural & Gender Studies and Minored in African American Studies.  I Love sports, especially football and basketball, riding my bike, going on hikes, poetry, R&B music and playing with my bulldog Malakai and I originate from Chico, California”.

Program Director:

“I graduated from SIT Graduate Institute with a Masters in International Education and Washington University in Saint Louis with double Bachelors in biology and Religious Studies.  I previously worked at a residential intensive English-language preparation school in Massachusetts.  I am currently an advisor and educator for International students both abroad and domestically.  In addition to advising international students at UO, I also serve as the ISSS liaison to the UO Health Center.  I have lived in China, St. Louis, Texas, Vermont and Massachusetts”.


jessi Jessi Trip Leader:

“I am majoring in Planning, Public Policy & Management and I love traveling, learning new languages, trying to use those new languages and (inevitably) getting laughed at, exploring cities via bike, and trying new food!  I am from Lincoln City, Oregon”.

Jose Trip Leader:

“I am a Journalism major and am pursuing a minor in Business.  I love playing baseball, hiking, traveling, movies and R&B music.  I would really like to study in England, and to star in the TV show Big Brother.  I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona”.

Paolo Program Supervisor:

“I am the International Student Adviser and Exchange Programs Coordinator.  I love traveling, cooking, soccer, house music and bossa nova and I am from Torino, Italy”.

Trip Leader:

“I am a Journalism and Cinema Studies major here at the UO and I love photography and video, writing and music and generally anything to do with storytelling.  Also I am from Singapore”.


  1. smendoza

    Hi there!
    I’m Savannah and I was interested in becoming a trip leader for Exploregon! It seems like a lot of fun and an amazing organization to be a part of at the UO. Let me know if there is any positions possibly for fall 2016.
    Thank you,


    • bscott3

      Hi Savannah,
      Thanks for your interest in the program. We are currently not looking to hire anyone else for this term but if you wish to apply for the Fall there should be an open spot or two given that a few of our members will be graduating at the end of this term. If a position comes available it will be posted to the UO Career Center web page. Once again, thanks for your interest and I will let you know if anything opens up soon.

      Brett Scott
      explOreogn Program Coordinator

  2. Ethan Kizziar


    I only recently discovered that this program exists, and am wondering how one becomes a trip leader. The trips you guys go on look awesome and it would be a dream job to show other students my home state. Do you know the next time explOregon is hiring/considering new applications?

    I really appreciate it and hope to work for this awesome program one day!

    Ethan Kizziar


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