Candance graduated from SIT Graduate Institute with a Masters in International Education and Washington University in Saint Louis with double Bachelors in Biology and Religious Studies. She previously worked at a residential, intensive English-language preparation school in Massachusetts. She has experience as an advisor and educator for international students both abroad and domestically. Candance has lived in China, St Louis, Texas, Vermont, and Massachusetts. In addition to advising international students one-on-one at UO, Candance also works on the social integration program, ExplOregon, and will serve as the ISSS liaison to the UO’s Health Center.





My name is Amos Yeong. I was born and raised in Singapore, and am majoring in International Studies. I love traveling, meeting new people, and learning about their cultures. Some of my other interest include sports and cars. As a program coordinator, I hope to plan memorable and eventful trips for everyone. Come join us and explore Oregon, hope to see you all on one of our trips soon!




My name is Devyn Kehlenbeck and I am from Southern California and am studying Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. Some fun facts about me are that I love to travel, am passionate about cooking, really, I would be a chef if I could, and am overly obsessed with Netflix and YouTube. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me, I’m incredibly sociable and would love to talk your ear off. Sadly, this is my last year here at the UO, but I am so excited to be able to spend it with all of you. Let’s ExplOregon!




My name is Miles Steele and I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. My major is Environmental Science. During my free time I enjoy going out to eat, hiking, playing soccer, listening to music, hanging out with friends or meeting new people. I am passionate about the environment, international affairs, and ethics and hope to pursue a career in Environmental Technology.




My name is Ethan Kizziar and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am currently majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Spanish, which will hopefully help me get into physical therapy school in the future! My ideal weekend would be spent at Mt. Hood skiing or camping. I am a huge basketball fan as well, so feel free to talk sports with me anytime. I am also a big fan of good food (my favorite American holiday is Thanksgiving) and pride myself on being willing to try all types of strange and delicious dishes. Cannot wait to experience all of the upcoming ExplOregon adventures for the 2018-2019 year with you all!




My name is Zishan Wang and I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I am currently majoring in Multimedia Journalism and minoring in Japanese. My dream job is to become a travel blogger. During my free time, I love to go hiking, snowboarding, camping or go shooting with my friend. I am also a vegetarian, an explorer, and an animal lover. Cannot wait to explore Oregon with all you guys.




My name is Remi Tanida and I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. This is my third year in UO and my major is International Studies. I love watching Netflix, eating delicious foods and hanging out with my
friends! I cannot wait to have a lot of fun with ExplOregon!!



Hello! My name is Chris Cohen and I am from San Diego, CA. I am pursuing a major in Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship, along with a minor in Spanish. I love getting outside to balance my busy (and sometimes hectic) day-to-day schedule. This could be anything from going on a short bike ride along the river to going on a multi-day camping trip. I truly enjoy sharing fun, exciting experiences and look forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime with those of you who join us on our amazing ExplOregon trips. Until then!



My name is Maya Mackey and I am from the Bay Area in California. I am a 3rd year double major in International Studies and Spanish. A big reason I chose the UO was how pretty and inviting the campus and surrounding areas were. I love to explore and find new things to do around Eugene and Oregon. My hobbies include traveling, writing, eating great food, and making people laugh! I also love talking or arguing about sports so feel free to challenge me at anytime! I’m very excited to be a part of the Exploregon team and hope that you take advantage of the great trips and opportunities we have to offer. See ya then!