NBA Game: Blazers vs. Kings

Wednesday, April 10

Help explOregon cheer on the Portland Trail Blazers as they take on the Sacramento Kings at the Portland Moda Center. Sign up today to reserve your ticket to watch #RipCity work their way to a victory!


Domestic, International, Exchange Students – $20

Non-Students and Scholars – $45

SCHEDULE: Meet in front of the REC Center before 4 PM. The vans will be leaving campus at 4:15 PM and will arrive to the Moda Center at approximately 6 PM. The game will start at 7:30 PM and end around 9:30 PM. After the game, we will get a chance to go down to the court and shoot some free throws. We will return to the REC Center around 12 AM.

NOTE: After game free throws is a exclusive chance to go down to the court and shoot some hoops at the end of the game. If you ever wondered what it felt like to play on a NBA court, here is your chance!

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes, money for food, souvenirs, and any other items you wish to purchase. Please try not to bring any bags with you as they will be subjected to searches at the Moda Center, and you may be required to check them into a locker.


1. Disclosure Clause: Please be advised that all participants need to follow dress code, explOregon staff instructions, and explOregon protocol. Failure to comply may result in participants being asked to leave and/or barred from future trips at the discretion of explOregon staff.
2. During the trip, explOregon staff will instruct all participants to fill out a liability waiver and photo release form. All forms must be completed accurately and returned to the explOregon staff before the end of the event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at