Iorana! Gude! Talofa! Malo e lelei! Aloha! Bula vinaka! Hafa adai! Kaselehlie! Humalia! Pacific Islanders Club aims to provide a safe space for ALL pacific islanders. We were formally known as Kalapu Pasifika but we decided to change our name to be more inclusive of our Micronesian and Melanesian brothers and sisters. We aim to educate others, as well as ourselves, about different island cultures. We strive to create a positive experience for PI students while going through their journey. We provide the skills and tools members may need to become community leaders. Finally, we aim to be the bridge between the university and the PI community on campus.

Orgsync: https://orgsync.com/173743/chapte

Email: uo.pi.club@gmail.com