M.E.Ch.A. ( Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán, “Chicanx Student Movement of Aztlán”) is a student organization that seeks to provide a feeling of community and security, while increasing the recruitment and retention of Oregon Chicanos in higher education. This intent, along with the academic support, the cultural events, the visitation days we host, and our work in the community is meant to inspire success in U of O Chicanos and ensure that the Chicano culture and ways of thinking to be represented at the University of Oregon.

MECha is a nation-wide organization that strives to raise awareness on social and political issues. We not only raise awareness on issues that concern the Chicanx community, we raise awareness on issues affecting other marginalized communities. We have an after school mentoring program called Ganas at Kelly Middle School. We aim to see more students of color in higher education through Ganas and our annual Raza Unida Youth Conference