Spring ISO 2017 Schedule

Day 1 Thursday, March 30

Morning Check-in | 9:00 a.m. | EMU 231 Cedar Room
Welcome to UO, check-in and get to know other new international students. Light snacks and refreshments provided

Presentation and Campus Tour | 9:30 a.m. | EMU 231 Cedar Room
Students will be provided with important information, and then split into small groups to take a tour around the campus.

Free Lunch | 12:30 p.m. | EMU 231 Cedar Room
Enjoy the meal, and have fun with other students.

Eugene Tour | 1:30 p.m. | Off – Campus
ISO Leaders and Peer Mentors will lead tours around Eugene. This is a great chance to make friends and lean about the community.

Day 2 Friday, March 31

Immigration | Immunization | Late Check-in | 8:00am | EMU Ballroom Lobby
Staff will be available to help students complete their submission of required documents.

Exchange Students Meeting | 11:00am | Oregon Hall 360 Jewel Hairston Bell Conference Room
Exchange Students will be provided with certain information.

Welcome Game Party | 3:30pm | Mills International Center
Welcome to Mills international center, have fun playing games and enjoy food.