Arrival Information

Plan to arrive in time for the International Student Orientation (ISO) which is a mandatory event during which you are required to attend the meeting for exchange and visiting students, which includes a check-in process per J-1 visa regulations. If you are unable to attend the orientation, contact immediately to schedule an alternate session.

Arriving at the airport


Eugene Airport

The Eugene airport is located 20 minutes from campus. If you signed up for the homestay program, your host family will pick you up at the airport. Be sure to communicate with them so they know when you are coming.

If you are planning on staying in a hotel, you can:

  • Take a taxi. Oregon Taxi is a popular service because, if you reserve by calling in advance, you can get a 20% discount.
  • Use Omnishuttle, a van service that is not too expensive. One-way cost $26.50
  • Use Tour Transporter, which costs $18.00 – please call in advance to reserve!
  • Some hotels also provide free shuttle service from the airport. Please ask the hotel before you arrive to arrange transportation. See list of hotels here.


Portland Airport

The Portland airport is not very large and is easy to navigate. However, once you have picked up your suitcase, you need to be ready for more traveling as Eugene is about 200km (~2 hours) from the Portland airport.

Common transportation from the PDX Airport to Eugene:

Mobile phones/cell phones

Commonly used mobile phone/cell phone providers include Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS and SIM card companies.

  • Most cell phone companies charge for all calls, outgoing AND incoming, though many have free calling within their network.
  • Some plans give you a set number of minutes per month. Additional minutes are charged at a much higher rate. Check your plan to see if weekend and nighttime minutes are free.
  • You can either sign a 1-2 year contract or buy a pre-paid phone and add minutes when necessary. Pre-paid deals tend to be more expensive than year-long contracts.
  • Ask about any special international calling plans.
  • If you don’t have a US Social Security Number, expect to pay a deposit (the deposit should be returned at the end of the contract)
  • If you have an unlocked phone from your home country, check with the cell phone provider to see if it is compatible with their service.
  • Text messaging and Internet typically carries an additional charge. Ask about adding texting or Internet to your plan.
  • Ask specifically if you want to use your own phone.
  • Once a contract is signed, you will be obligated to pay for the entire contract period. Expect to pay a high fee if you break a contract.

Paying your tuition bill

The University of Oregon accepts the following types of payment: 1) International payments online with Flywire 2) online with Echecks, 3) cash, check or money order, 4) credit cards.

For detailed options on how to make a payment please visit the Business Affairs office website. To make a payment, you must first register for classes. You will receive an electronic bill on your Duckweb student account. Please check your email for this bill and important information about the deadlines for payment. In general the deadline for paying tuition is usually during the first week of classes.

For more detailed payment options, see our blog Tuition, Fees, and Payment Page. 

Opening a bank account

To open a bank account (checking or savings), you will need your passport, your UO ID card and money to put into your account. You do not need a Social Security Number to open a bank account. Here is a list of local banks close to UO:

Oregon Community Credit Union
Selco Community Credit Union
Bank of America
U.S. Bank
Wells Fargo


Bicycling is a popular method of transportation around campus and around Eugene. Consult the UO’s bicycle map for route information. There are many easy-to-find options for purchasing both used and new bikes, with multiple bicycle stores near and around campus.

Register Your Bicycle on Campus to ensure the safety and security of your property. Any bicycle that you intend to use or park on campus must be registered (no charge) with the UO Department of Parking and Transportation.

Bike Rentals are available through the Outdoor Program. The program provides information and assistance about purchasing and/or repairing a bike, and renting a bike for an entire term.

Public Bus

Lane Transit District (LTD) bus, is available to all students for FREE, including all EmX buses but you must show your UO student ID card to the driver when boarding.

Driving in Eugene

Every state in the United States has its own rules and regulations regarding driving and car ownership. In Oregon, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) division is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses and, non-driver State ID cards.

You can apply for an Oregon drivers’s license or Oregon ID Card through the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division, or DMV for short. There are two DMV offices close to the University of Oregon.

Springfield DMV — 204 N. 30th St, Springfield, OR 97478

Eugene DMV — 2870 W. 10th Place, Eugene, OR 97402